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Torque Wall Balls

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The pliable soft-shell construction and uniform weight make it easy to catch and throw Torque Fitness wall balls. 

Comprised of heavy-duty vinyl-coated nylon, the wall balls remain dimensionally stable over time, making them a durable and reliable option. Each ball has Imperial and Metric markings that show the pound and kilogram weight for each ball. 

No bounce & not for slamming - check out our Torque slam balls instead!

Available in the following weights:

  • 6lb/2.7kg
  • 8lb/3.6kg
  • 10lb/4.5kg
  • 12lb/5.5kg
  • 14lb/6.4kg
  • 16lb/7.3kg
  • 18lb/8.2kg
  • 20lb/9.1kg