AbMat Fat Rings (36MM)

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Please note that original 14' AbMat Straps are included with this listing.

Made from eco-friendly, sustainable wood, Happy Fat Rings are the largest diameter wooden rings available, at 36 millimeters. No more painful bruises or chafing on your wrists, hands, and pressure points!

The wider surface of the Happy Fat Rings makes the base of support much better for the “false grip” while providing a great platform for pushing exercises. The extra diameter works the hand and forearm muscles in ways that more narrow rings simply can’t, providing a more thorough workout. The wider base offers increased stability, which is appealing to newer athletes, and all users will appreciate the benefits of reduced joint pain leading to increased workout times.

You can use the Happy Fat Rings with or without chalk since the wood provides a natural gripping surface. Oils from your hands preserve the wood, which only makes your rings better over time. Wooden Happy Fat Rings are lighter and more portable than their metal counterparts, so you can create a workout station anyplace you can hang your straps.

Ideal for any athlete seeking additional challenges to their physical development, Happy Fat Rings are equally suited for home and commercial gyms. From simple stretching exercises to the most challenging strength training, the versatile Happy Fat Rings are the one piece of equipment that help to develop your entire body.


• Made in the USA
• Outside Diameter: 9.25”
• Ring Diameter: 36MM
• Material: Wood
• Easy Portability
• Fine Finish
• 1-Year Warranty
• Color: Tan
Straps included - 14'

Inventor: Rob Gannon, Julien Malmont