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Torque Slam Balls

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Torque Slam Balls are built to absorb the energy of a slam with zero bounce. The sand-filled center shifts during throws which engages core and stabilizing muscles. The textured cover has a pliable and tacky surface making it easy to grasp and throw, which makes it perfect for floor slams.

Exert your full amount of force and energy with this no bounce slam ball in order to get a proper workout with no hesitation. Each slam ball has Imperial markings that show the LB weight of each ball.

Available in the following weights & packages

  • 10LB
  • 15LB
  • 20LB
  • 25LB
  • 30LB
  • 35LB
  • 40LB
  • 45LB
  • 220LB Complete Package (Includes one of each weight)