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Kabuki Trap Bar HD

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The Kabuki Strength Trap Bar HD features a revolutionary open trap bar design that promises to add strength and versatility to your most gruelling workouts. KMK Marketing Limited is an authorised reseller of Kabuki Strength products for Trinidad & Tobago.

 *NEW!: 29mm Handles included*

The Trap Bar HD features an industry first variable handle system that allows for a 23", 25", or 27" intra-handle width using swappable handle brackets. The standard bar includes 25" brackets and customers can use the checkboxes above to add a wider (27" width) or narrower (23" width) handle brackets. All Trap Bar HD's offered by KMK Marketing Limited carry the 25" intra-handle width unless specially requested otherwise.

The age-old struggle of loading and unloading plates from your trusty trap bar is over. Kabuki Strength is proud to introduce a simple, effortless solution - the built-in bar jack. Their design features 2x inch-thick "legs" with tread to provide grip and stability when the bar is positioned in a vertical orientation for easy loading/unloading. They designed The Trap Bar to allow for an effortless transition from horizontal to vertical position, requiring minimal effort and taking advantage of human kind's earliest discovery - the lever.